Why Host a Marketing Training Workshop?

Within increased competition comes the increased need to provide additional value to your customers. As it is easier than ever for them to switch service providers, you need to do more to help them be successful and not only continue, but to further, their business relationship with you.

Providing additional value to make your clients’ businesses more successful is the key. Marketing training by Serfwerks Marketing Academy can help your clients significantly improve their bottom line while providing you with a change to both further your relationship with them and introduce additional services. The combination of our marketing and your services can help us collectively deliver superior results to your clientele.

Benefits of Hosting a Training

  1. Value Added Service- Demonstrate your genuine concern for the long term welfare of your clients.
  2. Close that elusive deal- Invite potential customers to your hosted workshop to demonstrate the level of service you offer.
  3. Spread your net- Serfwerks Marketing Academy will send 500 mailers out to potential customers or specifically targeted businesses that you would like to work with
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