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Our Differentiators

According to the 2009 ASTD State of the Industry Report, businesses spent over $134B training their respective employees. About a third of that was spent on external training providers. There is a lot of training going on, so what makes our training different?

We understand the value of your time and investment. Our workshops are designed to cover only topics and will help you accomplish your business goals. We make an effort to identify, evaluate, and create relevant content and activities. We want your learning experience to be as effective as possible and we want you to achieve results by improving your marketing ROI.


We understand that learning doesn’t necessarily change things, but applying knowledge does. One of our goals is to encourage the application of knowledge into your marketing perceptions and behavior through challenging and applicable content, a blended learning approach of lecture and exercies, and we back that up with a complimentary follow-up consultation for most workshops.

Real learning occurs when the learner is challenged and is accountable. Real learning takes effort and the involvement of the learner. We challenge learners with intense group activities, quantitative analysis, case study competitions, as well as with advanced theories and concepts. We offer pre- and post-course assessments and group presentations so each learner can gauge their understanding of the content presented.

The topic of marketing is one that most people are interested in, however, the idea of marketing ROI is revolutionizing the way organizations approach their marketing. Our proprietary “Measure. Create. Affect.” methodology challenges the pitfalls of commonly-practiced blind marketing and challenges our learners to re-evaluate their preconceived notions about their marketing and change their approach.

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