About Serfwerks Marketing Training Academy

The Serfwerks Marketing Academy (SMA) was born of the marketing consulting work that Serfwerks has done for various clients over the past several years. In working with our clients, we realized that educating them about proper marketing training ideas and methods was one of the most valuable services we offer. You will learn what separates us from all other marketing companies with our cutting edge marketing training courses at SMA.  We have an extensive pool of marketing knowledge and expertise that varies from the typical marketing paradigm.

We spent several months developing the concept and products for the Serfwerks Marketing Academy — the education arm of our agency.

The mission of SMA is to further the evolution of marketing towards higher efficiency, accountability, and improved ROI through professional education of our proprietary marketing ideology and research methods. SMA is 3 steps ahead of other marketing companies, thus keeping you 3 steps ahead of your competition. Our website www.serfwerks.com provides great examples of the heights our marketing training has taken our company and where we have passed it on to our clients.

Our vision for the SMA is for it to become a symbol of marketing excellence by providing our clients and the business world with our innovative marketing approach, relevant skills, effective research techniques, and accountable marketing practices.

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